Candace Chand is the face, cake designer and owner of Candace Chand Sugar Artistry. Born and raised on the beautiful Islands of Fiji, she moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2001 and pursued her studies in Business Administration and Marketing.

Though always having worked in the corporate world, her love of baking and crafting started in her early teens. Through the love and support of her better half and two sons, she took her cake decorating hobby to the next level. Her vision with her cakes that she portrays is natural and simple, yet sophisticated. Her collection of cakes are luxe, ethereal, and an interesting blend of modern and embellished designs. Candace believes in effortless designs that are not lazy. Candace is a proudly recognized "Artist of Excellence" by Satin Ice Fine Foods. Candace is also a Magazine Partner with DIY Weddings Magazine of the USA since Dec 2014. She is an international cake decorating instructor and has many projects/classes coming up.

She has also been featured in the DIY Weddings Magazine USA, Mehendi Weddings Magazine Chennai India, Gay Weddings and Marriage Magazine, American Cake Decorating Magazine, Cake Central Magazine, Cake Masters Magazine UK, Sweet Magazine of Australia, Cake Craft Magazine UK, Pretty Witty Cakes Magazine UK, Gay Weddings Magazine of the USA, Sugar - India's Cake Art Magazine and The Hindu - National Newspaper of Chennai India.

Candace has spearheaded and successfully run two internationally recognized cake collaborations - First "The Festival of Lights" which was a Finalist in the 2015 Cake Masters Award and Second "The Elegant Indian Fashion Collaboration".


Candace Chand