Bespoke timeless South Asian aesthetics with modern reflections. 
This boutique was created by internationally recognized cake decorator and fashion lover, Candace Chand, who is inspired by all of the beauty and style that surrounds her. Candace believes in ethereal luxe looks with an interesting blend of modern and embellished designs for her couture line.  She promotes effortless designs that are not lazy.
Each item has been carefully curated by Candace and her designers to embody a woman who wants to look and feel feminine with the traditional yet chic styles of the South Asian culture.
Our shop designs are made to order with only the best finishing and quality - all with a feminine flair and sophisticated style and all at affordable prices. We strive to design the pretty pieces that make you feel special when you put them on. Our designs are offered in limited quantities to ensure the freshness of our styles and we constantly update our collection that are flattering and most of all - stunning. 
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Candace Chand - CEO / Designer Creator